Thursday, August 15, 2013

Product Review - Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense Lipsticks

So I've been looking around at new (to me) lipsticks to update my collection, and I found these gorgeous lipsticks from Make Up For Ever. The Rouge Artist Intense lipsticks are said to be 50% more pigmented than other lipsticks, and are supposed to be very long-lasting.

I picked up two shades: 29 and 38. I don't love numbered colour names, but Sephora's website describes 29 as Satin Rosewood and 38 as Satin Coral, which I think gives you a much better idea of what the colour actually looks like. I ended up choosing two satins, but the line also carries matte and pearl finishes. I would say the majority of the time, I prefer a satin finish. 

left: 29, right: 38

And the swatches:

top: 29, bottom: 38
As you can see, these are gorgeous colours! So rich and pretty, but not dry looking at all. I see these two colours as being able to take you from spring, right into winter. 

38 is such a pretty spring/summer coral with just the right amount of brightness, without being overwhelming on the lips. Actually, coral is quite a departure for me because I'm naturally drawn to the berry shades. You should note that the true colour of this lipstick is more similar to the swatch above, than to the photo of my lips below. For some reason, the lighting didn't capture the colour looking as coral as it really is in real life.

38 on my lips
29 is more of a typical "me" shade. I will definitely be pulling this one out a ton once it starts to feel like fall (well, probably sooner because I cannot resist). I just love this muted berry shade with the perfect amount of rosiness in it. It's so pretty on the lips. 

29 on my lips

So let's talk staying power. Worn alone, these do last longer than your typical lipstick that is not considered long-lasting. I do have matte lipsticks (from Nars, MAC, etc) that may last as long or longer, but that may be because I ended up selecting the satin finish. The Rouge Artist Intense matte shades may last longer than the satins. However, these do last longer than many of my other lipsticks that are not actually intended to be long-lasting, so that is nice. I would say they perform as expected. The great thing is that I do not find them drying at all, which is a pet peeve of anything intended to be long-lasting.

One last note - I believe these are sold exclusively at Sephora, so if you are interested, check out their website.

Have you tried any of the Rouge Artist Intense lipsticks?

Thanks for reading!


  1. #38 is really pretty. Glad to hear they aren't drying most mattes I've tried are!

  2. Thanks! And the finish on it is so pretty!