Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Product Review - MAC Plumful Lipstick

The MAC lipstick in Plumful is part of the permanent collection, however, since it was recently re-released as part of the Year of the Snake collection, I thought I would write a quick review. The version from the Year of the Snake has a gorgeous dragon design embossed on the actual product. Mine however, is plain.

I absolutely love this colour! The irrational side of me wants to buy the version from Year of the Snake as a back-up, but the rational side knows that is silly (especially since I have dupes - see below!).

This is a Lustre lipstick, which I believe just means it is sheer on the lips and has a nice sheen. In my experience, Lustre-type lipsticks last 3-4 hours, however, I normally touch-up within this amount of time regardless of what type of lipstick I wear since I normally will have had something to eat or drink.

With my light skin tone, I don't have any problem with colour payoff, however, a darker skin tone may want to either use a lipliner, or lighten up the lips with some concealer or primer prior to applying.

Since I love this colour so much, I hate to say it isn't all that unique, but I do have some other lip products that can be considered similar. I guess I'm just drawn to these berry tones! MAC's website describes this colour as a blossoming rose-plum.

Dior Addict Lipstick in Backstage
Dior Addict Lipstick in Backstage is similar but perhaps a bit more sheer.

MAC Viva Glam IV
MAC Viva Glam IV is darker and more opaque, and could be considered similar but with a frost finish. I don't really notice the frost finish when I'm wearing this one, but I guess you can notice it in the above picture. MAC's website describes this colour as a mid-tone rose with gold pearl.

So there you have it! A gorgeous berry lip to brighten your day.

Thanks for reading!

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