Sunday, February 3, 2013

Product Review - Shiseido Camellia Compact

So I picked this up at Murale because it just looked too beautiful to pass by. It is the Shiseido Camellia Compact ($38 in Canada). When I got this home, I had to try it out immediately. I think I over-applied this the first time I tried it because the redness scared me and I wondered if I made a mistake buying it.

But alas, I gave it another shot, but with a lighter hand. It is extremely beautiful and very flattering on the cheeks. You can control the shade you get by varying the amount of each colour you use. In the swatches below, I'm showing each colour separately and then the combined effect (bottom finger). Also, the white can be used alone as a pretty highlighter. It would work really well as a brow bone highlight.

When you first open this compact, it appears that the product is extremely glittery. However, this is just the top layer and disappears to reveal a product that is actually quite matte.

Overall, I would recommend this. I think it would work well for a variety of skin tones as someone who is quite pale (like me) can use a lighter hand, but it should also show up very nicely on a darker, deeper skin tone. 

This compact is limited edition and Murale online is sold out, but I did see it at the Bay's Shiseido counter the other day, so I believe you still can get your hands on this one.

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