Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Neutral Eyeshadows - NARS

In attempts to use some of my older products that I have not been paying too much attention to, as of late, I went rummaging through the drawer where I store many of my eyeshadow singles. These often get overlooked as I normally reach for a palette, just out of convenience. Most of the shadows that I have from NARS are in single form. I have a couple of small palettes and duos, but the single shadows are always amazing, with their creamy texture and great blendability. Anyways, I thought I would talk about some of my favourite neutrals that NARS offers. I actually don't have any brights, so while I love the neutrals, they are also all I have!

l to r: Barritz, Cairo, Ashes to Ashes, Lhasa, Bali, Galapagos
Barritz - this is a perfect "blank canvas" type of shadow for me. You can barely see it in the swatch above, but it is there! I like to blend this over my entire lid, up to the brow before I apply any colour. 

Cairo - this is a rosy taupe shade with a bit of shimmer. Really pretty to blend out darker colours or as a lid colour. 

Ashes to Ashes - this is one of those "taupe-y, brown-y, mauve-y, not quite sure what to call it" colour. Actually, it is very similar to Cairo, but definitely darker. It is really pretty as an allover lid colour, or blended into the crease.

Lhasa - this leans more towards grey. It has a bit of a tinge towards lavender as well. It is also more cool than I'm used to wearing, but it really is a pretty neutral on all eye colours.

Bali - this is more of a brown-taupe, and is more of a matte. I love this for darkening the outer corner and for blending into the crease for a more smokey look.

Galapagos - this is a gorgeous warm deep brown with gold sparkle in it. Don't be afraid of the sparkle though - it looks like a lot in the pan, but once on your eye, it blends beautifully. I really like this one all over the lid or just along the lashline.

Now that I've taken inventory of all my neutral NARS shadows, I'm thinking it is time to run out and add some colour to my collection!

Thanks for reading!

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