Monday, May 27, 2013

Some Inglot Purchases

Everytime I'm in New York, I make a point to stop at either the Inglot counter in Macy's, or the Inglot store (or both!). I just love their shadows and the Freedom system. If you aren't familliar with Inglot, they have an extremely wide selection of shadows that come in an individual pan. You can select the colours you want and then purchase an empty palette to arrange them in. I believe you can get palettes that hold 2, 4, 5, 10 or 20 individual shadows (there may be more, but these are the ones I know of). This time, I filled up a quad, and purchased another three shadows that I might just put in one of my Z-Palettes. I also purchased a lipstick and a lipliner, which was new for me - I've tried Inglot glosses and blushes, but never lipstick or liner. I'm really happy with my whole purchase.

I would say that Inglot shadows are comparable to other high-end shadows. I find them to have great pigmentation and staying power. One other pro with Inglot is the price. I believe each shadow is only $6 (USD), and the empty quad was $10.

My only real dislike about these eyeshadows is the naming system! They are all numbers that make it really hard to remember what you have or don't have. On top of this, once you put the individual pan into the palette, the number is hidden as it is on the bottom of the pan, so you have to take a pin out and carefully remove the pan. It's a bit annoying. But before I went to New York I made a list of all the colours that I already have so that I didn't purchase any duplicates. I learned from my previous mistake - I already have two pans of 409! This is just a minor complaint though. Overall, I highly recommend these!

Here is what I got:

top row l to r: 34, 352 344
middle row l to r: matte 373, DS 488
bottom row l to r: 445, DS 498

Swatches top to bottom: matte 373, DS 488, 445, DS 498
Inglot lipstick #113 and liner #859

Swatches - Inglot lipstick #113 and liner #859
As I mentioned, I picked up my first Inglot lipstick and lipliner. I'm really happy with both as the colours are gorgeous. I ended up using them everyday in New York and have been reaching for them a lot since returning home. I find the lipstick to be very long wearing, although I do not believe it is marketed as such. I'll definitely grab another one next time I'm at an Inglot counter. The liner is great too - it is a nice soft, neutral pinky-nude shade that goes with everything. And I love the blending brush on the end! 

All in all, I'm still very impressed with Inglot products and would recommend them to anyone!

Thanks for reading!

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