Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nail I'm Loving - YSL Jade Imperial

This is my first YSL nail polish ever. I don't normally buy a lot of high end nail polishes unless I feel like the colour is quite unique, as I'm generally quite satisfied with my Zoya's and OPI's. But... I'm so glad I picked this up! I was really impressed with the formula of this YSL polish. After one coat, the colour was opaque. I did apply two coats, but one could definitely be sufficient. I did apply one coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast top coat because I'm very impatient in waiting for my nails to dry.

I applied this polish on a Saturday, and as I am writing this, it is already Wednesday and there is absolutely no chipping. So that is quite impressive in it's own. I love it when I change my polish not because of chipping, but simply because I am ready for a new colour.

So the application was great, and wear-time is great, but I haven't even mentioned the colour. Jade Imperial is such a pretty green! It is a muted, dusty green that is quite sophisticated. Green is one of the colours that I have next to none of in my collection (see it here!). Actually, if you do not include mint (which isn't really a true green, in my opinion), I have no greens. So this is a welcome addition. I just love this colour and often catch myself glancing down at my nails throughout the day.

I'm pretty sure this was a special release for the spring, but if it is still available at your YSL counter, I would highly recommend it!

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