Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What's In My Z-Palette? AKA - My Favourite MAC Eyeshadows

I've been loving my Z-Palette, especially for travel. I have a bunch of palettes that I had purchased, thinking they would be good for travel (Lorac, Urban Decay, etc.), but it is really nice to be able to pick and choose what colours you want. I selected my most wearable favourites from MAC to take with me on my last vacation, and it worked out perfectly. I used the small size Z-Palette that fits nine MAC shadows. I don't have any depotted MAC blushes, but if I did, I would probably take out four of the shadows and insert a blush instead, if I was trying to travel light.

You can see in the above picture, just a peek of my larger Z-Palette in which I store my depotted Wet n Wild shadows. 

from l to r: top row: Woodwinked, Cork, Dazzlelight
middle row: Satin Taupe, Star Violet, Orb
bottom row: Shadowy Lady, Mystery, Mythology

I find that these shades are very neutral and wearable, but can still be built up for a more dramatic look. 

For a bronzey neutral eye, I like to use Woodwinked all over the lid, Cork in the crease, Mystery in the outer V, and a mixture of Dazzlelight and Orb as a highlight.

For a pretty, taupey neutral eye, I like to use Satin Taupe all over the lid, Cork in the crease, Shadowy Lady to darken the outer V, and again, a mixture of Dazzlelight and Orb as a highlight.

Another look I like is Mythology on the inner third of the lid, Star Violet on the outer two thirds of the lid and blended into Mythology and then darkened into the crease and outer V with Mystery and a bit of Cork for blending.

As you can see, these colours provide so many different combinations, so it is great for travel. I also get a lot of use of these colours on a daily basis.

top to bottom: Woodwinked, Cork, Dazzlelight

top to bottom: Satin Taupe, Star Violet, Orb

top to bottom: Shadowy Lady, Mystery, Mythology

What are your favourite MAC eyeshadows?

Thanks for reading!

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